Review of the Lincoln Town Car 4.6 V8

January 17, 2013 at 16:35

Today on our news portal about the luxury cars of the Lincoln brand we are going to discuss the relatively famous car on the American market of the already established on the market model called the Town Car. However, we are going to talk not only about the Town Car, but about the car with the 4,6-liter and 8 cylinders from Lincoln.

Lincoln Town Car 4.6 V8

Image of the Lincoln Town Car 4.6 V8

With the impressive dimensions of driving you get a lot of useful experience on the Lincoln Town Car 4.6 V8. Without going into details about the luxury sedan as a separate class of car, Lincoln itself even on different roads is comfortable and quite dynamic. One huge disadvantage is the fuel consumption – without air conditioning the car takes about 19 liters. But when you handle the spending on the petrol, there comes another disadvantage. A huge problem with parking

black Lincoln Town Car

Picture of the black Lincoln Town Car

The design of the car is a matter of taste for everyone. One likes it – another absolutely does not like. But there is a lot of space, and in the front and back, even in a normal sedan of the town car. On the crash test, during a frontal impact salon almost did not suffer, vehicle safety is at a high level. The car is mainly suitable for personal use, but for other purposes a vast majority probably would not take it. For sedan recent issue price-performance ratio is not in favor of Lincoln.

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