Do You Know the History of Lincoln Navigator?

March 29, 2013 at 09:44

Today we will give an overview on one of the models of Lincoln. Lincoln Navigator was produced for three generations. Sales of the first generation started in 1998. Despite the fact that the car was manufactured on the basis of Ford Expedition he was very different from his brother. The external design of the car is completely redesigned and all body parts of Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition are different, with Lincoln looks more stylish and expensive. The interior is made out of materials of the highest class.

Lincoln Navigator frontal view

Image of the Lincoln Navigator frontal view

Suspension is extremely comfortable. Its weakness can be admitted to the airbags that are supplied as spares of Lincoln Navigator and a compressor swap. The car is extremely extensive and includes chrome wheels combined with an external chrome trim, climate control, mirrors with integrated turn signals, dim headlights, 290-watt audio system with premium system, comfortable seats with electric and heated, folding third-row seat just motorized and more.

Dashboard of Lincoln Navigator

Picture of the Dashboard of Lincoln Navigator

The car was equipped with 5.4 liter engine capacity of 230 hp and automatic transmission. The buyers are offered with a choice of full and only rear-wheel drive, while the front suspension design is also changing. Depending on the model the drive can be with the automatic transmissions or also with the differed.

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