What May Be Common Between Ford Mustang and Lincoln

December 17, 2012 at 05:17

It is possible that the new Lincoln sedan can be built on a rear-drive platform, which is currently being developed for the updated Ford Mustang. Since the Lincoln company is a luxury branch of the big and multinational Ford company, it is simple to understand that they are going to exchange the expertise they have with each other. Since the Mustang appeared to be very profitable for the Ford company, they decided to lift up the popularity of the Lincoln brand in such a way.

new Lincoln E-class car

Image of the new Lincoln E-class car

Premium car company from Ford which is known to us as the Lincoln – not only now enjoys great popularity, as the car market experts say, but also experiences a great lift up in the R&D; the reason – the way they coped with the lack of rear-wheel drive models. That is why, may soon be presented Lincoln with rear wheel drive. Only suitable platform for this project is the one that is being developed for future upgrades of Ford Mustang.

Lincoln car in the town

Picture of the Lincoln car in the town

In this platform ideally like Lincoln there can strut the front of McPherson, differential of rear multi-link suspension and some other elements. Most likely, this will be a Lincoln sedan class E. Confer on him the developers hope, believing that it will be a major competitor to Lexus GS and Cadillac CTS.

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