What Are Future Charged Lincoln Models?

December 19, 2012 at 05:37

When it comes for the company to decide which model of their cars they will transform into a charged one, it is very difficult to decide. On one hand there is a technical side, which should be considered, since the production is not that simple, from the other side there is a popularity of the models question.

charged Lincoln car MKT

Image of the charged Lincoln car MKT

At the moment, Lincoln range consists of six models: three sedans (MKZ, MKS and Town Car) and three off-roaders (MKX, MKT and Navigator) which most probably will have the option for their buyers to make the charged engine, meaning that it will run not only on fuel, but also on the electrical energy, generated by the unit. As suggested by some experts, the most likely candidate for development on the basis of their engine the “charged” cars – are the MKZ and MKS models. The first of these is offered with either a hybrid or a 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine with the capacity of 263 horsepower. The second is available with two six cylinder V-shaped units, developing 273 and 355 horsepower accordingly.

rear view of charged Lincoln car

Photo of the rear view of charged Lincoln car

Out of the SUV, it is still not known, but we believe, that the Navigator will be first, as it is the most popular model of this class among the public, thus much more people would want this one to be made charged. Earlier Concern Ford also announced plans to design cars of the Lincoln branch with “more refined and modern” and give them “good handling”, coupled with comfort.

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