The Way New Tuned Lincoln MKX Looks Like

March 23, 2013 at 09:39

The process of tuning the car can take up to several weeks. However, in the case of the tuning of Lincoln MKX car the time is absolutely worth it. It is no wonder, that the car changes, when tuning comes into work, however, drivers are almost always concerned that they can change the car to something that was completely not wanted by the owner. However, there were no cases, when Lincoln car was changed to the car that was abandoned in the end, because Lincoln can only get batter, there is no way to ruin this brand.

tuned Lincoln MKX

Image of the tuned Lincoln MKX

Therefore, today we will talk about the tuning of the Lincoln MKX, however, the tuning atelier for some reasons that we do not know decided not to share its name with the public, but there are no reasons for worries, because the work done is simply great. The inner side of the car was change the most, as mainly the new type of the leather was used in tuning. What is interesting the most is that the wheel has also undergone some changes, now it is fully in leather with the chrome logo on it.

Lincoln MKX car

Picture of the Lincoln MKX car

The front panel in the car is also done in a new style. While the other cars are tuned with some kind of a wooden panels, the designers made Lincoln to stand out, as they have done a totally new thing in the car market – harden leather frontal panel.

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