Lincoln Will Design New Wheel Covers

January 7, 2013 at 06:11

Since the luxury car manufacturer of the mother multinational company Ford – Lincoln is willing to be a distinguished car brand, they make their cars distinguished. It always has been so – the cars of that brand belonged to many famous people, not only celebrities and popular movie or music stars, but also to people of the high class and position such as politics, city representatives and etc. That is why the decision to male their cars even more different the designers will change the wheel covers.

Lincoln silver 2013 model

Photo of the Lincoln silver 2013 model

As the Lincoln brand has the special type of the frontal part of the car, the change of the wheel part will be quite favorable, as the marketers admit. This means that apart from the famous Lincoln grille there might be a new calling card of the brand, which will make the people walking by say straight a way “I know this is Lincoln”.

Lincoln wheels

Picture of the Lincoln wheels

The main assessment of such a turn was made by the competitor brands marketers – they say that Lincoln does that only for lifting up the recognition of the brand and there is no guarantee that this will work. All in all, it is not a secret that the company wants its brand to stand out for the driers and members of the elite Lincoln club. As the car market is quite unstable in the late period and also adding that the car drivers are now more demanding, it is not a surprise that there is no guarantee of the success.

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