Lincoln Plans to Close the Plant of Limousines

March 1, 2013 at 09:02

There is a very successful part of Lincoln that everyone knows of, which produces some special cars. Without any doubt you are already sure that this is the limousine division. For the great history of the brand there has never been a division which would have been as successful as this one for these cars of the special occasion. However, the headquarters of the Lincoln company, mainly their mother company Ford is thinking about lowering the expenses and about shutting down one of the plants that is producing the limos.

14 passanger Lincoln

Image of the 14 passanger Lincoln

About this thought we have learned from one of the car magazines that were spread all over the USA. In fact, it is not totally true, and especially in regards to what will happen to the division of limos in the country. It is not true that they will no longer be produced, because Lincoln is smart enough to understand that this is their monopoly in the market, not quite big market, but still, no one else produces limousines of such a high quality.

black Lincoln limo

Photo of the black Lincoln limo

What most probably is going to happen, is that Lincoln will shift the production of limousines into another division, and close down a separate factory that would be no longer needed. This in no way means that some of the models will not be produced, this rather will lead to the limited production of both, but still the limos were always produced on the order bases, so there will be no problems with that, but maybe the time needed to wait will be somewhat increased.

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