Lincoln Is Planning to Decrease the Production of Lincoln Navigator

December 27, 2012 at 07:15

As the year is going to end the car concern Lincoln is going to assess the capacity of the production facilities they have and compare it with the number of cars sold. However, as the official statistics of the Lincoln are not yet available, it is rather clear for everyone, including the fans, critics and car magazines that the sales of the Lincoln Navigator model did not go that well, as it was initially planned.

Lincoln MKR Concept

Image of the Lincoln MKR Concept

As the manufacturing facilities of the Lincoln company are quite big, as they produce for the large market of the European and English drivers, but also for those in the USA and in the middle East. The Navigator model was not that popular as the potential market research has showed, moreover, the demand was even lower than the lowest predictions of the Lincoln company. In such a way, the headquarters have come to the decision to decrease the production capacity of the production plant specializing on this model.

rear view of Lincoln MKZ

Photo of the rear view of Lincoln MKZ

As the times show not that big of a demand for the Navigator model, the company is not sure at the moment if they will return the production to its initial form. At the same time the research and development of the company are not standing in one place, but thinking on the new ways to make this model popular again.

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