Lincoln Futura – One of the Most Famous Cars in Hollywood

January 5, 2013 at 05:27

As all of us know already the history of the Lincoln brand, many also know now that the famous cars from this brand have been as popular as some movie stars or even more. That is why we want to get back that kind of experience and on the same line with the new and high-tech models of the Lincoln company of today say few words about the Lincoln Futura car – which was named as one of the most famous rare and old cars in Hollywood.

Lincoln old and rare car

Image of the Lincoln old and rare car

What do we know about the Lincoln Futura car? If we ask some people from the street, mainly the young people, we will not get the right answer, and this is from one side good, because at the time, when Lincoln Futura was popular, it was a sort of the special car, which was known only to the special range of people that now, in these days, would not share their memories of the great, fabulous and in all senses marvelous car.

Lincoln Fury Junior car

Image of the Lincoln Fury Junior car

Why the Lincoln Futura became the most famous car of the Hollywood? The answer is simply, the Hollywood remembers times of Marilyn Monroe and of Elvis Presley, and at the same time this place knows what it owes to them, as without them Hollywood would not be the Hollywood we know now. And all this time near the famous people like those named above – that is why Lincoln Futura was named the most famous car of this place.

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