Lincoln and Ford Both Got Awards for Safety

February 17, 2013 at 09:40

According to the results of the tests carried out in the last year, experts of the Insurance Institute for Road Safety (IIHS), pointed out that already three models sold in the United States have the highest scores. The title “The safest car” (Top Safety Pick – is another name of the awards) at this time earned crossover “twin” Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX, as well as the sedan Hyundai Equus. It is clear that the winners being both the mother company and the luxury division shows the quality of work of the both companies and brands.

inner view of the Lincoln MKX

Image of the inner view of the Lincoln MKX

In addition, it would be useful to note that none of the companies, that have been participating in the competition and in the previous records, have won being both the mother company and the luxury division. And we know of the companies like that, and there is a great number of them, but till this point only Lincoln got such a double-price.

rear view of the Lincoln MKX car

Image of the rear view of the Lincoln MKX car

During integration tests, including, in particular, the front, side and rear collisions, “Americans” received the highest scores of 16 out of the 18 criteria, and “Korean” – 17. Defects in all three cars on structural strength of the body in a side impact were present. Experts, in addition, noted the risk of neck injuries and head of the driver in a frontal collision. For those observations score crossovers in these disciplines was reduced from good to acceptable.

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