Ford closes its plant in which collect Lincoln

February 11, 2013 at 09:48

As our readers do know some information about the Lincoln company, they are aware also about the fact that the sales were not going as expected lately. Even though, as we see, the models that the company develops are greatly met by the public and receive high scores from the critics, they still do not sell as the predictions said they will. In such a way, the company has been challenged with this situation for quite a long time, and now it is the moment, when we have to say that they have decided to close one of the factories in order to reduce the costs.

new Lincoln model car

Image of the new Lincoln model car

The city of Vixen was the place, where there was closed a factory of Ford, which produced cars of the Lincoln brand already since 1957. During this time, the assembly line produced more than 6.6 million vehicles, including such models as Continental, LS, Thunderbird and Town Car. Unfortunately, these days the demand for cars of this brand is very small, so will now be issued only model Town Car, the assembly of which will be transferred to the Canadian province of Ontario.

old  Lincoln model car

Photo of the old Lincoln model car

The decision was taken by the mother company Ford, which also promised to provide all the communication means for the cars in the new factory, so that they will be as easily transported to the dealers, as if the factory was never closed.

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