Dream! New Online Lincoln Campaign Collected 25 Dreams

February 23, 2013 at 09:33

What can those developers think of is simply unbelievable. The marketing campaigns become more and more interesting and somewhat take us away from what a car exactly means. American automaker Lincoln decided to demonstrate that his car is not just a commodity, but something more: The Dream. The main media for the campaign to explain the idea of being a dream, has been selected online. Marketers have created a site-Lincoln Community mydream.tv ( that reflects the idea “My Dream” or “Show me the dream”).

Lincoln dream car

Image of the Lincoln dream car

What basically was done by Lincoln, was that they collected 25 cherished wishes expressed by various people – from dream to learn to cook better than the chef, to the desire to start a business, go back to school and complete their education, perfectly learn a foreign language, to make a documentary, build your dream home, and so on. However, the whole idea to connect it to Lincoln is very interesting.

happy owners of black Lincoln car

Picture of the happy owners of black Lincoln car

Things described at “dream” are not confined to money: for their implementation must be applied imagination, creativity and at least – being patient. Similarly, the Lincoln – it’s not just the car that money can buy. Lincoln – an indicator of a certain status, character, achievements, – the authors believes the campaign will be successful.

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