Chief Creative Officer says the grill will not be alike on every Lincoln model

April 30, 2012 at 22:49

When you look at the Lincoln car, one of the main things, which you will notice on the frontal part is definitely the logo and the grill. It makes the car look and has already become a calling card for some brands. At the Ford Motor Company, a whole department of creators is working hard to make unique and appealing designs for the Lincoln cars. That is how a debuting grille for 2013 Lincoln MKZ (the model, about which we told you before) was introduced.

An image of one version of the grill Lincoln MKZ

An image of one version of the grill Lincoln MKZ

J Mays the Chief Creative Officer says, that the design was quite controversial and there were people, who liked it a lot and those, who were quite neutral or even negative to it. Therefore, the creative team of Ford said that the grill from Lincoln MKZ will not necessarily be put into the design of every other Lincoln model to follow.

2013 lincoln mkz image grill

An image of the other texture of the grill

Even though the split wing is a crucial part of the design for Lincoln, the grill will be changed majorly in its texture and not in the headline, which is so popular among the drivers. Therefore, the concept makers add, that there will be even a possibility to choose which grill a driver wants.

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