Batman’s Lincoln Will Be Sold in the USA

December 1, 2012 at 02:54

It is not a secret to say that the Lincoln company has been working closely with the film makers and famous people for a long time already. However, today, in the age of the sports and electric cars, maybe only the true fans of the Batman know how his first car looked like, and will recognize the features of the Lincoln.

1955 Lincoln Futura Batman

Photo of 1955 Lincoln Futura - Batman car

The old comics style Batman has very little to do with the newly equipped one, however, it is a new generation, and an old one is the reflection of the ideals of its times, and his car as well. The Lincoln Batman’s old car is going to be sold on an auction some time in the next year, the exact date is yet under consideration.

Picture from above of the Lincoln Futura Batman car

Picture from above of the Lincoln Futura Batman car

We provide our readers with this news, because maybe some you will be interested in purchasing this Batman Lincoln car. The official name of the model is Lincoln Futura 1955, it was colored multiple times to suit the films better, however, the overall state of the car is very good for its age, no wonder, the art directors cherish the artifacts of the filmmaking greatly. The predictors say that the car will be sold for more than a million at least to some fans of the Batman or to the collector of the Lincoln models, as it was done previously with the auctions for the Lincoln concepts.

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