What Seats of Lincoln Blackwood Hide

December 13, 2012 at 04:32

Today we are going to talk about the interior of the Lincoln Blackwood, or rather about the seats it has. And we will also touch upon the technical gadgets it has. Blackwood engine is the same as the it was in the previous model, just with smaller modifications, as now it is 5.4 liter DOHC V8, that of the Navigator, and Ford promised that the pull of them would be enough to tow a boat or small trailer (Class III).

seats of Lincoln Blackwood

Photo of the seats of Lincoln Blackwood

Four-door cab offers enough space for a comfortable trip for many people. At the corners of the square cabin there are wide bucket seats upholstered in the finest black leather of Connolly. Between them there are separate front and rear center console. They are done in the traditional way of the Lincoln Blackwood model as polite to say it – as a covering cap-black-toilet. Within them there are the glove compartment and pockets for glasses or bottles of Coca-Cola or other drinks.

nonleather seats of Lincoln Balckwood

Image of the nonleather seats of Lincoln Balckwood

In the present beard torpedo device GPS, which was so called by the reporters. The rest of the torpedo outile is absolutely in the navigator style. There are, of course, little wooden elements in the steering wheel and the front of the center console, but the black color in the interior dominates. Baubles-are-in height-adjustable with pedal node (adjustable foot pedals) and a ceiling hatch on the floor-roof (moon roof).

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