Upgrading Lincoln MKZ with extra big panoramic roof

April 29, 2012 at 22:45

Introduction of Lincoln MKZ was a great success for Ford Motor Company. The car was first introduced as a middle size sedan. Some people may know this model by other name – Lincoln Zephyr, as it was its original mane. However, right after the few months of its sales, the car was renamed into MKZ. Interestingly enough, the name reads as Mark-Zet.

The photo of the roof

The photo of the roof Lincoln MKZ

Usually MKZ is also called a successor of the widely known Lincoln LS and is a smallest sedan model at the moment. However, the size does not matter that much, as the car gets high marks and good reviews from the leading USA car magazines. Lincoln was always updating this model for the greater conformability of the drivers. For example since the year 2007, this model became available as the hybrid. In addition, through all the years to follow, the restyling of the car was a must.

Image of how the roof opens

Image of how the roof opens in Lincoln

Therefore, a new model of the year 2013 will be equipped with the biggest removable rooftop. As it is said by Lincoln, the roof covers 15 square feet and is around two feet deep and somewhat two and a half feet wide. It will take about ten seconds to open or close the roof.

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