The HR Department of Lincoln

January 1, 2013 at 06:23

Today we are going to talk about the HR department of the Lincoln company, particularly about the part which interests almost all the fans of this brand. Especially if we are talking about the changes, which have lead to the better position of the company in the market. Concern Ford hired for the position of chief designer Max Wolff, now he is working at Lincoln company.

Lincoln MKS model

Image of the Lincoln MKS model

Max Wolff previously held a similar position at General Motors, where he was responsible for the appearance of the American Cadillacs, Australian Holden and Daewoo cars in South Korea. His duties at Lincoln will be mainly targeted at greatening of the power of the brand. Wolff started from January his work at the Lincoln Company. This is stated in the official press realize. The team of designers under the leadership of Max Wolff will be mainly doing what he says and it will be to design new models of Lincoln, including the first-ever for this brand car-class golf.

presentation of Lincoln MKT

Picture of the presentation of Lincoln MKT

As previously announced, over the next four years, the American automaker has released seven new and many more restyled vehicles. The leadership of Ford expects that the appearance of future Lincolns will become more sophisticated and modern. In addition, these cars will give good handling, combined with comfort, and change the range of engines to the addition of the family units EcoBoost.

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