The Biggest Glass Roof among the Sedan Developed by Lincoln

December 11, 2012 at 03:15

Interesting accessories in the design of the cars are what the desires of the car drivers dictate, they either want a new model or concept, or they want an interesting accessory. That is why Lincoln put a lot of attention on that one part and started thinking how to make their luxury and unique cars even more unique. And they did it be making the biggest glass roof for the Lincoln model in the range of sedans all over the market.

panoramic roof Lincoln sedan

Photo of the panoramic roof on Lincoln sedan

Motor Show in the April in New York-based company was the first time, this nice attribute was shown to the public. However, back then it was still in the need for improvement and additional development. The roof was first brought in the production version of Lincoln sedan MKZ, built based on the same concept that made its debut earlier this year in Detroit. The all-glass roof can be moved almost to the rear seats – this is what now everybody wants. It is, according to representatives of the “Lincoln”, the largest among production sedans.

Acura MKZ car panoramic roof

Image of the Acura MKZ car with panoramic roof

The roof is called panoramic, as it gives the view of almost everything possible above the car. The enormous area of 1.41 square meters has about five millimeters in the thickness part. Many people may say that a disadvantage of this car is the sun, which will shine right in the eyes, however, thoughtful Lincoln makers made this case not even a problem, due to the new sun protection coverage.

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