Stay With Lincoln Navigator or Switch to Lincoln MKT?

March 13, 2013 at 09:57

Many drivers of Lincoln want to change their car after some time. Thus we came to the question, what the drivers should do, leave their best friend Lincoln Navigator and choose the new one – Lincoln MKT? Some of the most loyal people, who cherish the legend of the company definitely stay with Navigator, but lets look at the other side.

rear part of 2008 Lincoln MKT

Image of the rear part of 2008 Lincoln MKT

Having Ridden the Lincoln MKX car, some of the most influential Lincoln owners admit, that they want to try out a new car, but without doubt a Lincoln one, that would be newer. In fact, almost everyone is eager to try Lincoln’s newer and bigger model. Thus they have a variety to choose, for example Navigator – a big, good-looking car. For sure it brings its own style and luxury, but people go on saying that there are already too many of these Navigator cars in major cities of the world. Some other people would not choose Navigator because it is too old-fashioned with not that much newfangled chips in it, too classic, so to speak.

presenter and Lincoln MKT

Image of the presenter and Lincoln MKT

Thus, the other group turns to the newest version of the cars in the market, as they think, which to them is Lincoln MKT. The manufacturer calls it a great crossover (Full-size luxury crossover SUV), but some critics would rather put it to the Sport Wagon category, at least every copy is with EcoBoost, the dynamics of which can compete with most of the cars on our roads. Why in the end chose the MKT? Maybe just for the originality?

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