Revenues for Lincoln from the Blackwood model

December 7, 2012 at 03:57

If to think about the car market with the simple economic eye, it is still a place, where business is made, even though the companies go out of their abilities ti suit their customers better. Today we will focus on one model of the Lincoln company and talk about the cash related to it. Revenue from the sale of only one copy of Blackwood can be worth $ 15,000 or more, depending on the saloon in which it was sold and on the package chosen.

vintage Lincoln Blackwood

Image of vintage Lincoln Blackwood

Since the-nose-front bumper and all body panels Blackwood has from the Navigator, a platform – comes from the F-150 pickup truck load capacity 429 kg. Only-exclusive-elements are stylistic and decorative delights, which are made solely for this model. Blackwood is rather cheap to produce and very profitable to sell. Therefore, Lincoln hopes to bring to him the sympathy and even farmers with ranchers that have hitherto preferred Cadillacs.

black Lincoln Blackwood 2002

Image of the black Lincoln Blackwood 2002

Blackwood is built on the chassis with the rear wheel drive of F-150. But for better stability on the highway its suspension is lowered by three inches than the standard. And given the fact that the pickup is not a heavy burden to carry four sets of golf clubs, it is migrated to a soft, smooth ride. Huge 19-inch diameter aluminum wheels have baggy low-profile tires dimension P 285/60 R19, while the conceptual instance were more massive-podium-tires.

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