Rare Lincoln of the Famous Composer Appeared on Sale

December 21, 2012 at 05:27

As our fans know, many Lincoln cars were made for the special order of the famous people. Thus a unique Lincoln car is not a secret for everyone. In fact, it is always interesting to listen the stories of these cars, thus we brought one for our readers. A Lincoln car of George Barry, who produced and wrote music for films in the 70’s, is now available for sale. It means that you can buy without any auction and bidding. He is waiting for a buyer in one of the U.S. dealers.

luxury Lincoln Bugazzi

Picture of the luxury Lincoln Bugazzi

A Luxury car with the strange to the ear of modern man named Bugazzi was created based on the Lincoln Mark IV 1972 year of issue and has been turned into an American version of Rolls-Royce. Inside there is a kingdom of luxury: gold inserts, pearl, suede upholstery, Persian rugs, Italian marble knobs, TV (for those years it was a revolution), the instrument panel with 24-carat gold leaf and more. After reading only a list of materials you can understand why this car at that time was worth 10 thousand dollars more than the Rolls-Royce.

rear view of fabolous Lincoln Bigazzi

Photo of the rear view of fabolous Lincoln Bigazzi

There were built 12 of these cars and they were bought by celebrities in the years of automobile boom. Now, however, we know the fate of only one Bugazzi. It will be sold for 99,000 dollars at a motor show to Daniel Schmitt & Company. Interestingly, the car was purchased in October at auction RM Auction for only 19 800 dollars.

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