Now Lincoln Does Cars for Its Mother Ford

February 9, 2013 at 09:12

For a long time we have been talking that the Ford company takes over the operations of the Lincoln company almost in all of the minor steps it takes, and this is not wrong, since Ford is the mother company of Lincoln. However, today we will focus on the fact that the initiative is now in the hands of Lincoln and not it mother. They had officially announced the fact that Lincoln wants to renovate one of the Ford models, because the marketing division of Lincoln is considered better than that of the Ford, thus they may do one great thing for their company as a whole.

inner side of Lincoln MKZ

Photo of inner side of Lincoln MKZ

Lincoln at the beginning of next year, will premiere a new of a luxury version of the Ford Fusion with a luxurious interior and a redesigned exterior. Since the Lincoln branch itself is the representation of the high class cars, so that to keep the differentiation in brands, they will make the changed model under their brand name, even though, to tell the truth, it will only be a more fabulous reflection of the Ford model, but maybe that is just what the market wants.

rear view of Lincoln MKZ

Image of the rear view of Lincoln MKZ

Some people say that this project is in fact already incorporated in the face of the model Lincoln MKZ, which his the sedan futuristic car from Lincoln. However, as the critics say, the company also realizes that they are not going far on the cars, that are just a re-make of the Ford ones, thus they plan at the Lincoln to develop their own platform for the cars.

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