Named contenders for the title of the best car in the U.S.

January 13, 2013 at 06:39

Jury of the “North American Car and SUV of the Year” announced the short list of the candidates for the main award of the year. It is a great event in the car market, because this event has a great audience which can be easily influenced by the results, thus many car companies are putting their hopes up with the result and Lincoln does as well, because their Lincoln MKZ is on the list among the candidates.

Lincoln MKZ Detroit Motor Show 2013

Photo of the Lincoln MKZ Detroit Motor Show 2013

Until the end of the current month, the list will be reduced to the three finalists and winners will be announced at the traditional motor show in Detroit, which will open in late January 2013. Interestingly, all of the candidates will be present at the show, thus if you want to see Lincoln MKZ model it is the best possibility by visiting the motor show.

rear part of Lincoln MKZ concept

Picture of the rear part of Lincoln MKZ concept

Out of the 30 cars and 15 SUV, which originally participated in the competition, the shortlist has got 11 and 10 candidates from each category, respectively. Among the candidates there are sports cars like Porsche 911 and Boxster, supercar SRT Viper, two models of “Lexus” and the American electric sedan Tesla Model S and also Lincoln MKZ. Among the SUV there were shortlisted the three “Mercedes”, and models of Subaru and Toyota.

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