Lincoln showed MKC Model – the Smallest Car

January 23, 2013 at 09:28

We and the fans have always view the Lincoln brand as the most luxury division of cars on the most part of the world. That is why it would be surprising for us to see too small or too big cars from this brand. And still, they started with the smallest. Lincoln company unveiled a prototype of its smallest model – a compact crossover MKC. The premiere took place on a concept car presentation at the Motor Show in Detroit.

MKC Concept Crossover Lincoln

Image of MKC Concept Crossover Lincoln

Coupe is built on the platform of the other greatly known Ford car, thus in the end we got a Lincoln MKC model. Overall length of the prototype is 4550 mm, width – 1932 mm, height – 1607 mm. All the dimensions make the car relatively smaller to the car on the base of which it was built. The reasoning of the mother company is not explained.

white Lincoln MKC car concept

Image of the white Lincoln MKC car concept

What power plant is equipped with Lincoln MKC, is not reported, but the predictions are made all over and most of them give this car a V6 or the engine with the smaller number of cylinders. This is understood, because the small car needs lower power to keep moving ahead. But at the time, when the engine is a mystery, we know that the transmission in the car is automatic. All in all, after the press releases of the overviews of this car, we will get more information to tell, but at this moment this move from Lincoln looks more like advertising.

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