Lincoln Plans to Change the Town Cars’ Interior

February 5, 2013 at 09:47

As many of the owners of Lincoln cars are now in the category of being the drivers of rather old models, not the new concepts. The company Lincoln is now thinking about the change to be made in the interior of the Town cars, which they still are producing on the manufacturing fields in America. Under the old versions we mean the cars of the 2005 model year and younger, but still the new models of the Lincoln company of the 2011-2013 years have not conquered the market yet, but they surely will.

modern Lincoln Town Car

Photo of the modern Lincoln Town Car

What kind of changes the company Lincoln thinks of in their old and proven worthy Town Car we do not know, because it is also still just an idea for the company itself. However, most probably the main changes will be made in the inner side of the car and not in the technical one. Because changing the power unit of the car would automatically lead to the increase in the price, the company wants to avoid that, as they want to keep the same customer base and loose a single person.

2003 rear view of the Lincoln Town Car

Picture of the 2003 rear view of the Lincoln Town Car

The changes on the outer look may be made, but if they will take place, they will be minor, since the customers like mainly this vintage look of the car that is given by the Town Car from Lincoln. But at the same time, what should be changed is the interior, as there appeared new technologies and a need to look modern and stylish.

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