Lincoln MKX Received the Best Grades in Its Model Class

December 15, 2012 at 06:21

Since the Lincoln company together with their other divisions of Ford decided to produce multiple models and classes of the cars, so that to attract more and more people, they are concerned not only with the variety of classes, but also with the quality of cars they make. As it is crucial for them to make good cars, rather than just many different cars, as the philosophy of the Lincoln company lies in that.

new Lincoln MKX car

Photo of the new Lincoln MKX car

That is why today we are going to talk about the fact, that the Lincoln MKX model appeared to have gained almost all the highest grades possible in the range of this car class over the whole industry of the luxury cars. The car appeared to score the highest on the most important points for the drivers, by the opinion of the famous car magazine Autoscan, such as the safety of the passengers, controlling of the ride and also exploitation of the engine capacity.

Lincoln MKX 2009

Photo of the old version of Lincoln MKX 2009

The last point may not seem to be that important, but when you think about it, the cars recently were argued to not using the potential to its full capacity, while the Lincoln MKX is able to do that, thus saving in such a way the money of the owners. That is why the production of this model is booming at this point and many people are willing to buy it.

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