Lincoln MKC Has an EcoBoost Engine

March 17, 2013 at 09:24

Manufacturer of luxury models in Detroit, where in January of the next year there will begin a new International Auto Show, will present a small crossover concept, called MKC. As the Lincoln company has always been known for producing big cars, no one would expect such a turn from them. In fact, the company used that and turned the fact of being unexpected in favor for them. Therefore, we hope that in future we will see many people driving the compact cars from Lincoln.

Lincoln MKC concept car

Image of the Lincoln MKC concept car

Lincoln MKC – the first car of the brand, created under the leadership of the new company’s chief designer Max Wolff, who previously posted his works in General Motors and is famous for the looks of Cadillac, Holden and Daewoo. We believe that he will bring some good insights into the Lincoln cars of the model line.

concept Lincon MKC car 2013

Image of the concept Lincon MKC car 2013

New Lincoln, according to preliminary data, has similar dimensions to the last generation model Ford Escape, which hosted and allowed to built on its base the luxury crossover. Range of motor production version “SUV” for MKC includes amount others the gasoline 4-cylinder EcoBoost family unit of turbines volume of 1.6 and 2.0 liters. Motors join hands with the automatic transmission and create a special feeling of driving and luxury.

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