Lincoln has unveiled the most expensive model

August 10, 2017 at 10:20

Navigator off-road car of the fourth generation has got an extended version prepared and presented by Lincoln Company. The Extended crossover’s total length is equal to 5.64 meters and that is 30 centimeters longer than the standard model. In addition, the carmakers increased the wheelbase by 25 centimeters. Thus, the new car can be considered as the biggest and most expensive in the brand’s current line-up.

5.64-meter extended Navigator off-road car image

5.64-meter extended Navigator off-road car image

As Lincoln representatives say, the modified crossover is different from its predecessor by expanded rear doors and the large free space behind the second row. The novelty has also received 425-liter cargo space capacity behind the third row.

The saloon's design of Extended SUV photo

The saloon’s design of Extended SUV photo

The basic Navigator car as well as the Extended model will go on sale in the US this fall. The first one will be sold at a price of 72,000 dollars, and the second one will cost from $ 81,000. To buy the Black Label top extended SUV the customers will need to pay at least 96,905 dollars. They also can complement the car by the additional multimedia complex for rear passengers (extra $ 2,000 dollars) or front seats with electrical adjustments in 30 directions and massage function ($ 1,250 dollars).

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