Lincoln Creates Coupe Based on Ford Mustang

January 9, 2013 at 06:26

Popular American muscle car Ford Mustang in the foreseeable future can share its platform with the new rear-drive coupe of the brand Lincoln. If all goes according to plan the company Ford, which as we all know owns the brand Lincoln, will make all possible so that the new model will be available in late 2015 and in addition with versions 2016 or 2017. However, while the novelty is entirely dependent on the success of the other two models – a full-size sedan MKZ and a compact crossover MKD of the Lincoln brand.

Lincoln car on base of Ford Mustang

Image of the Lincoln car on base of Ford Mustang

A new model of Lincoln will have somewhat elongated chassis of the next-generation of Ford Mustang and a powerful turbocharged engine of the family EcoBoost. According to preliminary information, the car will be equipped with a V-shaped six-cylinder engine of 2.9 liters, which can provide a decent coupe dynamic acceleration.

rear view of Lincoln on the base of Ford Mustang

Photo of the rear view of Lincoln on the base of Ford Mustang

Design innovations remains a mystery, but most likely it will be done in the traditional style of Lincoln brand, which means that instead of aggressive and sporty look, we will see something conservative and elegant. The new model will be available only in coupe and its appearance in the back of an open convertible version is expected. We also add that in case of the failure of models MKZ and MKD Lincoln brand may cease to exist.

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