Lincoln Continental and the Matrix Film

March 15, 2013 at 12:44

We all are sure that Lincoln company is one of the most premium brands on the American car market. It is not such big news, when people say that they want to have a Lincoln car in their films, what other car would look as respectful and luxurious as Lincoln would? That is why we started to dig into the films, which have featured Lincoln in their movies in order to give this information for entertainment of our readers. And we have found out that Lincoln Continental featured in the Matrix movie.

Matrix 63 Lincoln Continental

Image of the Matrix 63 Lincoln Continental

The movie “The Matrix” from the Wachowski brothers, is the first film of the legendary trilogy. But have you noticed the most important car of the movie? The one in which Neo is being taken to meet Morpheus, for example? This is Lincoln Continental, of the sweet era of the sixties. This is a very rare car nowadays, and it is a great luck if you meet one on the street, somewhere over the ocean.

Matrix film of the Lincoln Continental

Picture from the Matrix film of the Lincoln Continental

Back then, when everyone was watching this film, people were captured by the scenes and were not able to notice the mark of the car, but even now there are many fans of the Matrix, who will cherish this information that we found. The Continental model was a very popular model of some time, and today maybe only vintage and Matrix lovers will be eager to buy it.

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