How Much for a Crossover from Lincoln?

March 9, 2013 at 09:49

When we talk about Lincoln cars, it is not the question of the price, that we almost always consider. But still, the company decided to go a bit far from what they did and make something so to say for “just in case”. As we know now, the Lincoln MKS crossover appears to be the most affordable in the history of the concern, it was not the main aim of the developers, but “just in case” you are wondering, it is a good news.

Lincoln MKS 2014

Image of Lincoln MKS 2014

The most affordable premium crossover model will be the Lincoln MKS, as the magazines already reported. Novelty was presented not so long ago at the Auto Show in Detroit in January 2013. Back then the car made a great boom in the public, as nothing of what has been shown was expected by the people.

white Lincoln MKS

Photo of the white Lincoln MKS

The company makes a serious bid for the U.S. market with this car, as we learned from the marketing representatives of the Lincoln Company. However, the company also puts their eyes on other parts of the world, where, as in Russia, people love such a segment called SUV, therefore, it is already pretty clear that the car will be popular in the mentioned above markets and also in the middle East, thus soon we might see Lincoln spreading all over the world.

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