How Lincoln MKC Was Presented

March 31, 2013 at 09:07

The official release of the technical side of the Lincoln MKC simply astonished people. However, we know that, being constructed on the basis of Iskeypa, MKC is based on a global platform C1. Front of the car and the rear part are of the multi-link design. At MKC layout there is a transverse engine, however, it is likely that even in the database it will not be front-wheel drive, as Kuga/Escape, and it will immediately receive a plug-wheel drive with a magnetic coupling. Engines and transmission in “uh-Hey-B” is also, of course, will be only the top and the only petrol.

trunk of Lincoln MKC

Image of the trunk of Lincoln MKC

Salon of the Lincoln MKC is in the way it was supposed to be – with the original architecture, “hybrid” analog/digital instrument panel, center console with touch “buttons” of the transmission control, and a panoramic roof. If you talk about the design, which is for products of Lincoln of a great importance now, he deserves to deal with it separately. Perhaps the most appropriate word to describe the exterior of MKC is powerful. Wide body, a pronounced high shoulder line, large wheels and wheel arches – view the crossover impressive.

Lincoln MKC on the presentation

Photo of the Lincoln MKC on the presentation

In the rear part, the most striking detail is the lights, reflector combined into one “light” element. People won’t be disappointed with the profile. And in general it can be said that the appearance does not cause feelings of disharmony – the car came proportionate and well tailored.

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