His Majesty Mark the Eighth – Lincoln Mark VIII

December 23, 2012 at 05:29

Today we are going to talk about the model of the car, which is not that new in the market, however, a very popular model among the people, thus we want to talk about it with our readers – Lincoln Mark VIII. Mark – as it is called by the loving fans and owners. All the other car owners are for sure impressed with the incredible forms of this car – around 5.3-meter in length coupe, prefer to go by my name: Mark VIII. His Majesty the Lincoln Mark VIII.

Lincoln Mark VIII dark green

Image of Lincoln Mark VIII dark green

It looks like a work of art, by the way, the car has an incredibly low aerodynamic resistance. The dimensions of Lincoln Mark VIII command respect even from the owners of brutal off-roaders, but the technical description sounds like a dream of the greedy mechanics. The car has a 22 computer unit with air suspension, 4.6-liter V8, “machine” , thrusters rear wheels and much more.

rear view of Lincoln Mark VIII

Photo of rear view of Lincoln Mark VIII

Restyled in 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII changed the interior only in minor details, but the general spirit remains the same: the pathos, comfort and the luxury. All of this is an incredible cocktail of emotions. Five-meter whopper though sprawled on the pavement, its size is not felt until you sit behind the wheel. After that you feel in charge of the great and mighty long animal, of the great Mark the Eighth.

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