Description of the Lincoln LS 3.0i V6 Model Car

December 3, 2012 at 03:58

As we have been studying the car market and offerings of the Lincoln company, we have noticed, that we somehow missed some cars and did not describe them on our news website. That is why we want to regain our standings and talk today about this Lincoln LS 3.0i V6 model, which seems to enjoy quite a big spread on the market.

Lincoln LS 3.0i V6

Image of the Lincoln LS 3.0i V6 car

The mother model line of this car is without any doubt Lincoln LS, as all of us can see from the name. However, the version 3.0i V6 has some differences in terms of the engine and the abilities of the car. The car was first introduced to the market far in the 2001 year, and after that it was changed to suit the market. Currently it has a powerful six-cylinder engine of the V-shape, which turns on the spirit of the car. The Lincoln LS 3.0i V6 is a sedan model with the engine situated in the frontal part of it.

back of Lincoln LS 3.0i V6

Photo of the back of Lincoln LS 3.0i V6 car

The car has a rear transmission with the gradual injection, which provides smoothness on the road. The breaking system is all developed on the disk system. The maximum speed that this car develop is limited mechanically to the 210 km/h, for the safety of the passengers and the driver. The engine is working on the petroleum, but the company is under consideration to introduce a hybrid or it will be the other and new model of the LS Lincoln line.

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