Coupe Luxe-Class from Lincoln

February 7, 2013 at 14:29

Different cars have been developed by the Lincoln company in order to get back the original fame and glory of the company. It is clear that the company became a special luxury division of the Ford company after it was acquired, therefore they always have been holding their mark up high, so that their models would be of a premium class for the customers. It is not a secret that being a sub branch of the great company, the Lincoln division is greatly dependent on the decisions of Ford and on their expertise. That is why Ford influences greatly the current development of Lincoln of the coupe of luxe-class.

Lincoln red coupe car

Image of the Lincoln red coupe car

Interestingly enough, the Lincoln company is developing a new coupe with the parts and equipment of the Ford. Even though the Lincoln division has enough of the equipment and all the needed materials, the mother company Ford decided to do in such a way mainly because of the clear cost-saving reasons. Developing cars for the Ford company is a regular procedure, even though for Lincoln it is also not a rare one, but still, for the process there are additional resources needed and hiring new stuff, therefore, help from Ford is mutually beneficial.

coupe from Lincoln brand

Photo of the coupe from Lincoln brand

Currently we have no more information about the coupe being developed. However we will be keeping our readers up-to-date with all the information we will be able to gather in the days to follow, by now try to keep up with the news on the official Lincoln resources.

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