Lincolns Front Panel Will Speak Many Languages

March 5, 2013 at 09:17

Some drivers of the Lincoln companies came across the problem, that when they order a car straight from the manufacturer, they get a car with the panel in English, and this is not a wonder, since the American car maker makes the spare parts in that language, but what if some of the drivers do not speak English. We do realize that the front panel and some other buttons in the car are not that big of a vocabulary to simply learn it once and for all. But some Lincoln owners think that if they have bought a luxury car, they want full luxury with it.

inner side of Lincoln Navigator

Photo of the inner side of Lincoln Navigator

Therefore, to cope with this seemingly small problem, the developers added a special function to the list of all the official Lincoln dealers, which will allow to take orders from the native population for the change to be made with the front panel of the car and make it in their own native language. First it will be offered in the way that the manufacturers thought would be right, they will make the changing process of the panel easier, so that there would be no hard work needed.

Lincoln MKZ car

Image of the Lincoln MKZ car

In the future, fans are very enthusiastic, they say that maybe it will be possible to choose the font and style to be used on the panel, making their car even more unique and luxury. This is in many respects a good step the company is taking.

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