Lincoln Will Have Continuously Controlled Damping System

January 3, 2013 at 06:41

Today we are going to talk about the new technologies implemented into the Lincoln company. Particularly our readers already know about the line of engines from the EcooBoost line. Now it is time to get to know the CCD system – the new system for the suspension of the Lincoln cars. The abbreviation stands for Continuously Controlled Damping.

Lincoln MKS car with Lincoln CCD system

Image of the Lincoln MKS car with Lincoln CCD system

Updated Lincoln MKS and MKT are now equipped with the adaptive suspension CCD, which, according to representatives of the American company, can achieve the optimal combination for cars between comfort and handling conditions. Audio tracks changes in the road surface and the behavior of the machine can change for 500 times a second, changing the suspension settings according to the data in just 11 milliseconds. Now that is what we call the high-tech!

interior of Lincoln MKZ car with CCD

Photo of interior of Lincoln MKZ car with CCD

Also for cars in Lincoln can be ordered an addition of Drive Control with three modes – Normal, Comfort and Sport. Depending on the option of the selected electronics which alter the settings steering, suspension stiffness, the response to the gas pedal is also proportional, transmission operation and configuration of the stabilization system (it has the function of Curve Control, which helps the driver to keep the car on the chosen path and knows how to fight as a skid, so and the demolition), and traction control.

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