Lincoln Was Added in the Advertising of Lincoln Cars

February 21, 2013 at 09:02

The new models of the great and legendary Lincoln concern should always be followed with the high level and top advertising campaign. In fact, not all of the fans have an idea that the marketing campaign has already started a long time ago, since the campaign is not only the running commercial, it is the events, in which this particular Lincoln model started to appear, where it was presented and to which car magazines the information was given. Thus the commercial is rather a small portion of the whole campaign and we will talk about it today.

 Lincoln MKZ 2013 spotted in the city

Photo of the Lincoln MKZ 2013 spotted in the city

Lincoln has just launched a massive advertising campaign to return luxury division of Ford in the spotlight and the concurrent release of sedan MKZ. To ensure maximum impact, they also had a plan to take part in the contest Super Bowl on February 3 this year. Moreover, the model MKZ as the part of the great marketing, was made in a new style, which would reflect the future of the concern.

front panel of Lincoln MKZ

Image of the front panel of Lincoln MKZ

According to Matt Vandyke, Lincoln head of global marketing, sales and service, Lincoln disappeared from the radar of many customers. Therefore in their interest it is to get it back quickly, using “every tool from the set.” In Lincoln even managed to use the image of the original Lincoln (Abraham), although it is not clear why.

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