Anniversary of Lincoln in Ford Company Will be Held on 4th February

January 31, 2013 at 09:19

It is not a secret to the readers that the Lincoln company, though starting as an independent car manufacturer was bought by the company Ford later on the 4th of February and headed the luxury division of cars from that company. Ever since the Lincoln company division was the source of honor, respect, great demand and without any doubt great money for the Ford company. That is why soon the anniversary will be celebrated.

Lincoln 2013 model car

Picture of the Lincoln 2013 model car

The way such events are celebrated at the top companies is always a secret. However, we know something when it comes to the Lincoln brand. They are going to throw a great party at one of their Americal dealers, where the presentation of the specially modificated models of Lincoln MKT and MKS will be shown.

old model of Lincoln car

Photo of the old model of Lincoln car

The competitors of the Lincoln brand are not going to be rude and will also make their wishes to the company, though everybody knows the true relationship between them. As the time will come and the cake will be ready, the great models of Lincoln, on which the whole hope of the current status of the company is holding on will be shown to the great fans. Later on, the managers said that there might be a possibility of a special offer on these models.

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