Price for the Lincoln Batmobile Is Known

January 25, 2013 at 09:33

There were many stories and comments after we have published the news about the famous Batman Lincoln car, which was selling on the auction. Some sources were even trying to prove that this information is made up, but they did not succeed, simply because the car indeed was sold and we want to tell our readers the price, as we have promised in one of our earlier articles.

Lincoln Batmobile later versions

Image of the Lincoln Batmobile later versions

The most iconic vehicles in the history of cinema – Batmobile – was sold at the auction for 4.6 million dollars. The bidding process was very long and tiresome. The buyer appeared to be a famous American collector Rick Champaign. And not the actor or a comics fan, as some of the predictions were made by the car magazines. He is a fan of Batman since childhood, and was willing to pay for the first version of the car of the Batman any money. He literally said that if the bidders would not stop, the process would continue until he would won eventually.

first version of the Lincoln Batmobile

Image of the first version of the Lincoln Batmobile

Until now, such a sum could only be gained for the sale of one of the cars of James Bond. Therefore, this even will surely end up in the history of the Lincoln brand. Batmobile was built in 1966 for the filming of the show. At the heart of the car there was a concept car Lincoln Futura. Fantastic machine and now on the run. Moreover, this car has permission to move on public roads.

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