Electric Lincoln Continental 2025 Has a Logo on the Roof!

March 7, 2013 at 09:05

Today we have learned some interesting details about one of the most beautiful and great future concepts of all times developed in a legendary American car manufacturing company – Lincoln. It is not a secret, that many of the concepts in Lincoln go through all stages of development and in the end get their production versions, the same was with the Lincoln MKZ and other versions, however, the Electric Lincoln Continental 2025 is still too far away in the future to be talking about the production. However, this in no way means that we do not get news about this car concept, in fact, we get many and some of them we want to share today with you.

Electric Lincoln Continental 2025 with the roof

Image of the Electric Lincoln Continental 2025 with the roof

What is remarkable in this great concept, is without any denial, the design of the car. Not every person is able to imagine how a car will look in the future, especially if we are talking about 2015 year, so that the car would not look silly. But the developers of Electric Lincoln Continental 2025 did a great job. And the brand Lincoln put their company logo on a car roof. The roof is made out of panoramic glass, thus no one would expect a logo there.

Image of the concept car of Lincolon brand

Image of the concept car of Lincolon brand

Ignoring the highly futuristic-looking car, Electric Lincoln Continental 2025 just runs quietly in the further development of the automotive industry, which reported global brands. Still, for the companies Lincoln and Ford, this model is a very big step to a brighter future.

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