Closing of Mercury Will Give Seven New Car to Lincoln

December 9, 2012 at 03:31

The auto world Is very concerned with what happens with other car concerns. Even though all of the manufacturers are great competitors in the market, they would seldom be happy, when the companies are closed, even though they would have to admit, that only good outcomes will follow for their companies. In such a way, today we are going to discuss the closing of the Mercury company and the influence it will have on Lincoln car.

dark Lincoln Concept C

Photo of the dark Lincoln Concept C

As the new year is coming, the Lincoln company also said its plans. In the next four years it is going to work together with concern Ford to launch seven new models of Lincoln luxury division. They also want to come to grips with the development of the brand after the company plans to close the brand Mercury, which ceased to exist before the end of this year. By this time, all the resources and manpower of the company Mercury will be redirected in favor of Lincoln.

interior Lincoln Concept C

Picture of the interior of Lincoln Concept C

One of the upcoming new products of the Lincoln manufacturing company will be the first in the history of the brand hatchback golf class, which will be created based on the concept car Concept C, presented in early 2009 at the Motor Show in Detroit, but now it is going to be a new version of the 2013 year.

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